Nice to meet you, Mr. Text!

It often occurs to me that translating a text is in somewhat similar to a blind date – you
do hope that you will know each other better in a while, but you are pretty
sure it will take you time and effort to come to the destination point.

And in the starting point you still don’t know how your relations will develop. You may
feel at ease right away, with the lovely – in this case – déjà vu feeling that
you’ve already met somewhere, or get the feeling that it’s an interesting dialogue
partner, but you will need to look up a dictionary a couple of times to make
sure that you understand all he wants to say to you, or in the worst case you
grasp that it’s entirely not your type and you can’t wait till it’s over and
you can go home and forget the nightmare.

Word after word, sentence after sentence you find out more about your blind date partner. Where it came from, who it met before you, why at all it was brought on your way and
where it will go after you – these tiny details become ever clearer, and the
text is not a stranger to you any more. Now, when you turn the page, you have
some predictions and expectations on how it will behave further, what it will
tell you about, where it will lead you to. And by the last page you already
know everything it knows about itself. It has disclosed you everything, and you’ve
added something to it and have given it a new way to go – live another life in
another language.

Time to say good-bye!

But no worries – tomorrow you have another blind date!

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