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EN RU Studio is a small-business translation service ready to offer you affordable, yet high-quality English – Russian / Russian – English translations in a variety of subject domains.

With over 20 years in the translation market, we have handled a variety of large translation projects and has gained experience in legal, IT, finance and business translations that will drive international presence of your business.


Translation Domains


Contracts and agreements, tender documents, legal acts and regulations

Business & Finance

Financial statements, annual / audit/ appraiser’s reports, company internal regulations, codes of ethics, job descriptions


Analytics, articles, white papers, manuals, help files, EULAs, software / hardware descriptions, license agreements, privacy policies


Articles and research papers on philosophy, psychology, social science, education science


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Translated Pages


Large Translation Projects


EN RU Studio



With our 20 years in the translation market, we have gained enough experience to cope with virtually any project in our field of expertise.


Quality Assurance

We use comprehensive approach to quality assurance that combines professional quality assurance tools and manual proofreading and editing.



We use a variety of CAT tools to meet the needs those of our customers, who maintain their own translation memories on their projects, and to ensure consistent terminology for the texts we handle, no matter if you provide us with your own TM or not.



We are committed to the interests of our customers, and are always ready to conclude a non-disclosure agreement. Confidentiality of your information is our top priority.




The range of industries we provided services for include IT, banking, insurance, oil&gas, education, engineering, e-commerce, securities, and many more.



Strong support of animal welfare and environmental NGOs

If you advocate for animal welfare and environment protection and the text you have is related to either of these domains, you are sure to get the best quote possible. If the text you need to translate is short and you are not in a hurry, we can even do it for free as our small contribution for the cause you fight for.



Choose the rate based on your requirements.


Per Word

  • You don’t maintain your own translation memory for the project and it’s not important for you what software we use. What you need is just the translation in the format of the original editable file or PDF
TM Pro


Per Word

  • You have your own TM for the project and need to have it used for the translation, or you want us to create and maintain it for your projects. The full rate is due only no-match words. The deliverables you need include the translated file in the original format, TM files and / or TM export



  • You need extra services in addition to translation, like website development, graphic design services, content services etc. Please send a request, so that we could provide you a combined quote together with our partners


That's what our customers think of us.

I strongly recommend EN RU Studio as highly qualified specialists! One says it’s almost impossible to reach 100% equivalence in translations. But EN RU Studio does reach really high equivalence. When translating, they take into account stylistic nuances, evolution of the term or definition in this or that culture, and pay attention to pragmatics as well – that is, with word meanings being flexible, context-dependant, you always have to keep in mind, who the text is addressed to. Knowing all these details is the evidence of translator’s professionalism. As a humanities scholar majoring in this field I can say that translations made by EN RU Studio take into account not only the meaning, but the authors intentions, and this is top class performance..

Darya Lungina

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University, Head of the Culture Pragmatics and Management (Art Management) Programme


With EN RU Studio, you will:

Grow your international presence
Cut costs without
compromising quality
Be sure that your
information remains confidential
Choose the payment
options your prefer
Stick to the CAT tools
of your choice
Enjoy special
conditions, if you care about environment or animal welfare
If you have a couple of minutes, have a look at our translation kitchen
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Translation Domains

IT, legal, business, finance, social sciences

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Here for you

Our virtual office is open 24/7. You'are always welcome!

Translation Domains

IT, legal, business, finance, social sciences

The best point of contact